17 April 2024: ELSEVIER confirms the inclusion of AGER in the thematic area of Anthropology from 2025 (in all its indicators). This is great news in addition to the consolidation of AGER in Demography; Development; and Geography, Planning and Development.

09 January 2023: since 01 January, the new Guidelines for Authors have been applied, with significant changes in the length and cost of publication (only for those cases in which official funding is available). In addition, since the last meeting of the Editorial Committee, we have expanded it with new colleagues who will help us to consolidate AGER on the international scene. And last but not least, we are now available on social networks. Follow us on them: @JournalAGER (Twitter).

31 December 2022: our last issue, issue 36, has just been published, with a very interesting collection of articles, all of them in open access!

10 November 2022: following the virtual meeting of the Editorial Committee held today, it was decided to make several changes, some of immediate application such as the (i) enlargement of the Editorial Committee, and (ii) the modification of the Advisory Board; and others, to be adopted from 01 January 2023: (i) change in the length of the articles, and (ii) the increase of the cost of the published texts that make express reference to the existence of a funding source (from 125.00€ to 150.00€). These last changes, will be specified in the Guidelines for Authors.

30 july 2022: available online and in open access issue 35.

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