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Articles must be submitted through the Open Journal System (OJS) portal of the Spanish Science and Technology Repository (RECYT): https://recyt.fecyt.es/index.php/AGER/login.

The following link shows the procedure to register in the system, as well as to send an article.


1. Processing of articles from receipt to evaluation and editorial decisions: download here.

2. Authors’ guide: download here.

3. Proposals of monographics sections: download here.

4. Copyright notice and privacy statement: download here.

5. Editorial ethics, good practices and anti-plagiarism: download here.

6. Authorship declaration: download here.

7. Reviewers list: 2016-20182018-20202020-2022; 2022-2023.

8. Author’s contribution: download here.

9. Recommended template text for authors: download here.

10. Evaluation form: download here.

11. AGER budget balance: 2020-2023.


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