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Credits and Summary


Monographic Section: Diverse Geographies of Rural Ageing

Editorial Introduction: Diverse Geographies of Rural Ageing (Andrew S. Maclaren, Lorna J. Philip and Mags Currie)

The Role of Housing and Services in Supporting Healthy Ageing-in-Place: Northern British Columbia, Canada (Marleen Morris and Greg Halseth)

Older people’s experiences of informal care in rural Flanders, Belgium (Emma Volckaert, Pascal De Decker and Elise Schillebeeckx)

Addressing neglected contexts of ageing: The situation in remote northern Australia (Heather Gibb)

Reframing rural governance: gerontocratic expressions of socio-ecological resilience (Mary Gearey and Paul Gilchrist)

The Dynamics of Rural Gentrification and the Effects of Ageing on Gentrified Rural Places (Darren P. Smith, Martin Phillips, Hannah Brooking, Mara Duer and Chloe Kinton)


Rúbrica analítica para el diagnóstico integral del nivel de desarrollo de una comunidad rural (Guillermo Salas-Razo y Luis Gibran Juárez-Hernández)

Employment Diversification in Rural India: Nature, Pattern and Determinants (Amandeep Kaur, Akarsh Arora and S. P. Singh)

El vínculo con los pequeños agricultores como factor clave en la implementación de programas de extensión rural. Estudio cualitativo de un caso chileno (Rodrigo Rojas-Andrade, Karina Keller y Gabriel Prosser)


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